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  • 1 month car rental Fiat 500L
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  • Monthly car rental Fiat Tipo

With the monthly car rental, WayCar provides a wide choice of cars to meet the mobility needs of individuals, companies and professionals. The WayCar monthly rental provides you with a single fixed monthly fee, many services included and qualified support at your disposal. 
Find out the details of the WayCar monthly car rental formula and find every answer to your questions. Take advantage of the offers for One-month Car Rental that WayCar has designed for you now. WayCar: car rental for 1 month or more in Palermo, Catania and Trapani!

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Monthly car rental fees

Valid from 01/10/2023 to31/03/2024

Excluding VAT
Km includedCover Protection Clause
Excluding VAT
Full Pack Clause
Excluding VAT
Max daysMandatory car change*
Cat. B
Fiat Panda 1.2 5P or similar
329,00 €2500119,00 €290,00 €30 daysYes every 30 days
Cat. C
Citroen C3. DR3 or similar
359,00 €2500119,00 €290,00 €30 daysYes every 30 days
Cat. D/F
Fiat 500 X o L 1.6 MjT, DR4 or similar
419,00 €2500159,00 €340,00 €30 daysYes every 30 days
Cat. M
Jeep Renegade 1.6 MjT
499,00 €2500159,00 €340,00 €30 daysYes every 30 days
Cat. N
Fiat tipo SW 1.6 MjT
549,00 €2500159,00 €340,00 €30 daysYes every 30 days

It is possible to change the car at any station, as long as it has been agreed in advance with WAYCAR.


The basic rate includes:

VAT; Basic insurance; Monthly mileage as shown in the table.

Additional km: Euro 0,18 km

Maximum Charge Values with Basic Insurance

Car groupsDamageTheft/Fire
Amount VAT excluded
B - C1.200,00 €1.600,00 €
D - F – M - N1.600,00 €2.000,00 €

Security deposit with Basic Insurance: € 600,00 per Cat. B - C; € € 800,00 per Cat. D - F - M – N

Maximum Charge Values with Cover Protection

Car groupsDamageTheft/Fire
Amount VAT excluded
B - C600,00 €800,00 €
D - F – M - N800,00 €1.000,00 €

Security deposit with Cover Protection: € 300,00 per Cat. B - C; € € 400,00 per Cat. D -F - M – N

  • Cover Protection Cover Protection

    It is a light protection, dedicated to those looking for a peaceful rental at the right price.

  • Full Pack Full Pack

    It is the "worry-free" formula for customers looking for a total coverage solution that is safe from surprises.

Full Pack Clause

It is the "worry-free" formula, for customers who are looking for a total coverage solution and free from surprises.
Eliminates the deductible for partial total theft/fire and attempted theft/fire damage.
Completely eliminates the excess for damage to all parts of the vehicle and for damage/loss of keys, including damage caused by impure/incorrect refueling or frozen diesel.

Reduces the rental security deposit to €100 for Cat. B-C; €150 for Cat. D/DA/F/M/N/NA; €200 for Cat. AF. Applicable only for any Refuel and fine management services.

The aforementioned rental service is to be understood on request, with prepayment of the first installment at the time of confirmation, and is aimed at both individuals and VAT holders.
However, it is understood that the offer is always subject to confirmation and availability by waycar.

In order to take advantage of the monthly rental service, you need:

  • be between 23 years of age and 80 years of age (maximum age);

  • a financial credit card to be used as a guarantee for the rental;

  • A valid driving licence has been issued for at least 1 year and 1 day;

  • Original and valid identity document, such as identity card and/or passport

Under no circumstances will it be possible to add any covers and/or other accessories not expressly mentioned above during the rental.

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